New York

Much like California, there is a huge amount of confusion as to whether online gambling is actually legal within the state of New York, and this of course includes online bingo.  Whilst there is no law to state that it is in fact illegal, there are no laws stating that it is not.  This becomes a nightmare for anyone who wishes to know if they can play online bingo in the state, and with absolutely no law with which to use as a reference, citizens of the state opt to choose not to play online gaming of any kind.

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Can You Play Online?

The thing is, if you do play online bingo or other games, you will not be arrested or anything drastic, and at present, there has been no news of anyone actually getting into trouble for gambling online in New York, and there are actually lots of options open to players seeing a bingo, poker or casino games within New York itself.

The 2009 Poker Seize

With all of this having been said, there was a case of the NYAAOP (New York Action Against Online Poker Players) actually dipping into the accounts of over 27K online poker players and seizing over $30 million.  This only further confuses the whole situation – surely if online gambling was legal, this would not have happened?

The New York Riddle

Perhaps the reason that there is such confusion over the legal implications of online gambling in New York is because of the somewhat riddle-like New York constitution, which actually fails to define the act of gambling.  This leaves wold-be online bingo and gaming fans unsure as to what constitutes as gambling, and though it is not specifically authorized, it is said to be, by default, illegal.

The Future of Gambling Online in New York

With New York’s sister state, New Jersey, taking steps to legalise online gambling, this could be the push that New York needs to pass a bill of this kind, too.

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