USA Accepted Bingo Sites

Though it is a lot harder for American bingo players to catch online bingo action than it is for UK and European fans, there are still some excellent sites that do actually accept US players.  Some of them do state that they are only available to players from within certain American states, but a lot of the time, the majority of fans are welcome to play.

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Bingo Sites Accepting US Players

Some of the very best sites that accept players from the USA are:

Cyber Bingo

New Billy Bingo

Bingo Palace

The great thing is that all three of these sites offer their fans the chance to grab some free no deposit bingo bonus money, so that they can test them out before having to lay down any cash. Given the limited choice of sites that US Bingo players have to choose from, this is a very attractive element for many as it gives them the opportunity to invest their money in the best possible site for them.

Sites No Longer Accepting US Players

The unfortunate thing is that a lot of sites have been forced to put a ban on US players from playing at their site, while others have been required to shut down their site completely. This is what happened to WTG Bingo – a site that was part of the Cozy Games bingo network and one that accepted all US players. After being forced to cease transactions with Americans players, they then closed their doors altogether in 2010 and all members accounts were transferred to another site within the same network, Gone Bingo.

For some time after that, Gone Bingo did accept US players and were actually one of the most popular sites within the American market, but unfortunately they too have since ceased offering their bingo games to US players.


With no explanations as to why Gone Bingo ceased operating within the U.S., we have to assume that it was simply because of the red tape that surrounds the online gambling situation as a whole. Let’s take a look at the current legal status of online bingo within the U.S.

Legal Status of Online Bingo in the United States

The legal status of online bingo within in the United States became very complicated after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 was introduced. The passing of this act made it illegal for citizens of the US to transfer any money from banks and other financial institutions to online gambling sites. As a result of this law, many international bingo gaming sites decided to withdraw from the American market and prohibited citizens of the US from playing with them.

To clarify things a little more, Federal law actually states that online gambling including engaging in online bingo is actually legal in the US, it just prohibits the transference of funds between online casinos and financial institutions which makes funding a real problem for bingo lovers.

Having said this, each state within the US upholds very different regulations when it comes to online gambling. This can mean that playing online bingo in some states is totally legal while in others it can be seen as a very serious offense.

If you live in a state where online bingo is legal and you have the ability to fund your online bingo account in innovative ways that evade banks and other financial institutions, it’s perfectly fine to play online bingo. If you aren’t entirely sure about the legal status of online bingo in your state, you should consider researching the topic further until you’re well informed on what’s legal and what’s illegal in your state.

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