New Jersey

A lot of the citizens within the USA believe that the issue of online gambling should not be a Federal issue, but a state specific issue.  If the new New Jersey bill regarding online gambling is anything to go by, it is easy to see why a lot of citizens take that stance.  Why should gambling still be prohibited within the Garden State just because those in Delaware are against it and so on?

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New Jersyans Could Soon Hit Online Bingo Sites

Very recently, the state governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, stated that we would be more than happy to sign the bill presented to him legalising online gambling, but only if a few specifications were made in his preference.  The governor has been said to wish to sign the bill as quickly as possible, but he himself is setting back the legislation by maintaining that changes have to be made.

What are the Changes?

Firstly, he calls for higher taxes on the revenue of online casinos as well as the winnings, with his suggestion of 15% instead of 10%.  He also stated that – most importantly – he wishes to impose a trial period of a whopping 10 years regarding this issue.  After 10 years, he wants the situation to be evaluated again with a code of legal and ethical protection to ensure that gambling on the internet will be as transparent as possible.  If the legislation is to be changed to meet the governor’s specifications, he stated that he would be happy to sign the bill the very next day, proving how urgent and important to the citizens this matter has become.

New Jersey to be 3rd Online Gambling State?

Believe it or not, there are currently only 2 states that actually allow their citizens to gamble online:  Nevada and Delaware.  The aim of the state is said to be to create a community of internet gambling, with the 12 casinos adorning the famous Atlantic City strip said to be the ones who will foresee the smooth running of the online versions.  This leads casino fans to believe that the massive Caesars Casino will be one of the very first sites to launch within New Jersey, so could Caesars Bingo soon be on the way?

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Strictly Garden State

If this bill is passed, it will allow only citizens of the Garden State to play 2013 online bingo and casino games, so strictly Jersey Girls and Boys only!

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