The fact that Nevada’s biggest and best known city, Las Vegas, is the global hub of land based gambling and casinos, one could easily make the mistake in thinking that all gambling is 100% legal in this state.  It wasn’t until February 2013 that the final steps were made to allow gambling within this state – a whopping 10 years after they approved a legislation that would have seen them become the very first state in the USA to allow online gambling.

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The Move

The move appeared to be money motivated back then, with the possibility that online gambling could bring Nevada around $5 billion a year being too good for the government to turn down.  It may have been 10 years since this legislation was first presented, but it appears that the money is still a huge reason the government is so keen to have the law passed.  They believe that by the year 2017, this number is set to hit $10 billion.  February 2013 saw the very last hurdles preventing online gambling in the state that spawned Sin City preliminarily lifted, however it is said that the state will not be spearheading the legalisation of online gambling until a federal legislation is enforced.  Though the state seems to be celebrating right now, the Judiciary Committee still have to actually PASS the bill itself!

What Does this Mean for the Silver State?

This means that online gambling will be valuable strictly to Nevadans within the state itself.  However, are Nevadans celebrating too early?  Not only will this be an incredibly costly process for the government thanks to the fact that a gambling license will cost upwards of $1,000,000 and fees to renew the legislation itself will cost at least $500,000, the people in power are butting heads to this day about the entire situation!

If All Goes as Plan

The Nevada will win the race to become the second state to completely legalise online gambling.  New Jersey and Nevada are currently locked in a battle to receive this coveted status behind Delaware, which because the very first and currently ONLY state in the USA that holds a full license for online gambling.

What Does this Mean for Bingo?

Unlike the battle New Jersey are currently fighting to legalise online gambling, Nevada have yet to state who will be in control of the online gambling sites.  With New Jersey already housing 12 land based casinos, it is said that these casinos will be the primary operators if the legislation is passed.  If the same is true of Nevada, this could also mean that – like New Jersey – Caesars Casino (and by default, possibly Caesars Bingo) will be the first bingo operator to provide their online gambling services.

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