Unlike the other states in the US, looking at the Delaware stance on online bingo is like a breath of fresh air.  Whilst some states are still fighting for legalise internet gambling and some – like California –  are not even clear as to whether or not online gambling is legal or not,  Delawareans have recently been given the green light!  In just February 2013, they became the very first state to offer online gambling after the governor, Jack Markell, passed the legislation.

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Creating Jobs

Whilst places like Nevada are bent on legalising gambling because of the revenue and profits such a thing would bring to the state, it seems that the creation of jobs is what ultimately led to the legalisation of online gambling in Delaware.  It is believed that thousands upon thousands of jobs will be either created or saved thanks to this move, with fears of the states dwindling casino industry thought to be a thing of the past.  The online gambling sites that are to be legalised within Delaware will be operated by land based casinos and will indeed only be able to be accessed through a specific Delaware gambling site.  Of course the revenue that this is set to generate for the state comes in to play, too, with over $250 million expected to accrue each year for Delaware thanks to this move.

Strictly for Delawareans

Like many other states, the gambling will be available only within the state borders and only to Delaware citizens.   Set to go ahead in May, only casino sites operating poker, roulette and blackjack are currently covered under this new legislation and they have even stated that playing mobile bingo and casino games will also be permitted.  Online bingo appears to have been authorised in Delaware for some time, however, only a handful of bingo sites offer US players the chance to play.  The likes of Bingo Palace allowing Delawareans to play is a huge hit, especially seeing as there is so much red tape surrounding offline bingo in the state.

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Bingo in Delaware

Bingo can indeed be played in Delaware, but only for charitable purposes only.  This means that anyone holding the games must give ALL proceeds to charity, and there are loads of rules and regulations regarding even the likes of prize pots and the size of jackpots!  This is why so many Delawareans do opt to play online.

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