Whilst a lot of other states in America seem to be stepping closer and closer to the legalisation of online gambling, California remains today no closer to passing an internet gambling legislation. This comes as a surprise from the state that has been dubbed “Silicon Valley” because of the technological advancements made there.  Surely bingo gaming online would be right up their alley!

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The Progressive State

In all honesty, covering the legislation of online gambling in California is extremely tricky, and it appears that people are still UNCLEAR as to whether gambling is actually illegal or not!  Silicon Valley has been dubbed as the most progressive state in regards to online gaming, as loads of bills regarding the issue have been passed through the Assembly of State.  There is no specific bill stating that online gambling is prohibited, with no mention of it at all within the California Code of Law.  But then again, no specific bills or laws have been passed to state that it is LEGAL either.

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The Tribes

The main reason that gambling has yet to be completely legalised within the whole of the United States seems to be the fact that governors believe that this would be a hot bed for money laundering.  But California in particular have another reason for online gambling to be such a discussed political issue, with tribes of American Indians – who are responsible for operating the majority of California land based casinos – ending up in  ahead to head battle.  This came as a result of a bill that was presented, which stated that only a few of the operators would be handed an online licence, with the rest having to wait until at least 2016!  All of the arguments that we have seen against the legalisation in of online bingo and gambling in California stems from specific tribes and their arguments for and against, which seem to be stalling the entire situation.

The 2012 Online Poker Bill

In 2012, California actually passed a bill legalising online poker.  Many are still firm in their hopes that this will soon allow other markets to cross over into California, but at present there has been little or no word about this, despite the fact that the Governors are said to be “laying the groundwork” in the legalisation of online gaming.

Possible Casino and Bingo Sites

The whole issue seems to be at moot point in California at the minute, and has not even been updated since the poker bill was passed in 2012.  It has been said, however, that big brick and mortar casinos will be in charge of any of the online gambling if any bills are to go ahead, with Vegas casinos taking particular interest in its neighbouring state.  The massive Zynga Company is actually based in San Francisco, so it is natural that they would be the first thought to get their foot in the online gaming door.  Could social bingo soon hit Californians?  At present, any movement in regards to online bingo and gaming in California seems to be a very long way off.

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