Winner Bingo’s Hilariously Contagious TV Commercial

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About Winner Bingo

Winner Bingo launched in June 2012 and has already grown to become one of the more establish brands in online bingo.  The site offers a comprehensive bingo service as well as promotions to match.  As soon as players arrive at the site, they can take advantage of the £10 free no deposit bonus.

Launch of Advertising Campaign

The online bingo site has recently announced the launch of their new TV marketing campaign, which will see a video circulated on TV and the internet from July 2013 onwards.  Given their existing brand awareness and the quality of the advertising campaign, the process will likely propel them from within the market significantly.

winner bingo

Transition to Mobile

Instead of focusing on the games available and current promotions when advertising their bingo platform, they have opted to push their newly launched mobile product.  Desktop gaming in the traditional sense is become less and less prominent as more people use mobile devices as their primary source of internet connectivity.  Bingo brands are well aware of this and they are doing whatever they can to snap up customers as they make the transition to mobile bingo.

The rise of mobile bingo could also have health benefitsInstead of having to sit at a desk to play a game, people can play while on the move and outside.

The Advert

At the start of the video, you can see five people standing at a bus stop, each minding their own business. A man is reading a paper, a girl is listening to music and a woman is playing bingo on her mobile phone.  All of a sudden, the woman screams out in celebration and begins to do a dance, reminiscent of the viral YouTube video ‘The Harlem Shake’.  The bystanders look on in shock as the woman celebrates her massive bingo win, feeling her inner winner, as the slogan goes.

At the end of the advert, it flashes back to the woman, still dancing, but this time alone with her bus having already arrived and left.

Other Brands

Winner Bingo is not the first brand to use TV as a means of advertising.  Jackpot Joy has marketed their site using ‘The Queen of Bingo’, Barbara Windsor.  Similarly, Foxy Bingo has had numerous adverts over the years, which has firmly and effectively lodged the image of the fox on a purple background into people’s minds.


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