UK Bingo Player Uses Sister’s Bank Account without Permission

Playing bingo online is obviously a lot of fun, but unfortunately it is not difficult for everybody to stay on top of their finances. In June 2013, there was a player who started playing bingo and was unable to control her spending to any degree. She felt such a strong urge to play bingo that she stole £2,250 from her sister between 6 March and 11 March (2013). However, that was the not the first time that Michelle Sheppard had stolen from her sister, with the instances beginning to occur between summer and Christmas of 2012.

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False Pretences…

Tracey Sheppard had initially asked her sister for her bank details under the pretense that she need to make a string of purchases on eBay. Ms Sheppard received the login details for her sister’s PayPal account and then began spending small amounts of money to play at bingo websites.


Her sister saw that the small amounts were going missing and then confronted Ms Sheppard, who reluctantly admitted that she had been spending the money. Ms Sheppard promised to stop and was not faced with the prospect of legal action. But she couldn’t stop, resulting in the above mentioned loss of £2,250. The outcome of the court case was that Ms Sheppard had to pay her sister back and serve a six-month community order.

Gamble Responsibly

Let this serve as a reminder as to why it is important to stay in control of your bingo and always gamble responsibly. Your actions may harm your loved ones, much like in the story above. As a result, you need to take steps to protect against the above scenario ever happening to you. The following will help you out just fine:

  • Budget – Stay aware of how much money is in your bank account and then plan a budget for your sessions. Always walk away when you have spent your budget.
  • Economise – Play the cheaper games of bingo and don’t spend big on extravagant promos.
  • Stay social – Keep in touch with your family and friends and see them regularly.
  • Limits – Request personal deposit limits with your usual sites. This will help to safeguard against any unpleasant urges to deposit unrealistic sums of money.

Bingo is a really fun game to play online, so you don’t want to risk losing that. Thankfully, though, there are basic steps to help you stay in control. Always keep them in mind and know when to seek help.

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