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Wink Bingo is known as an online bingo site that likes to have plenty of flirty fun. This time the theme of its latest promotion is Wimbledon, which makes complete sense considering that the championships are underway and it is the summertime when the weather is fine. Fittingly, WinkBingo has opted to name the promo £2k Swerve and Serve, which is entirely in line with tennis theme. The £2k portion of the name stems from the fact that Wink has a £2,000 prize fund to give away this week, with the promo closing on Sunday 7 July at midnight.


Earn More Playing the Instant Games

This is essentially a promo that has been divided in two, taking in both online bingo and instant games. But when it comes to selection a leader of the two, Wink has decided to highlight the instant games portion. Each has its own tournament leaderboard that will reward the top ten performers with cash come the end of the week. The instant games leaderboard has been allocated more of the prize fund than the one for bingo, with approximately £1,300 waiting to be shared. Players can earn one tourney point for every £2 that they wager playing instant games, of which they can play any they like – think slot games, scratch cards and casino games. The rewards for the top five finishers are to be:

  • First place – £300
  • Second place – £200
  • Third place – £175
  • Fourth place – £150
  • Fifth place – £100

Bingo Tourney Leaderboard

Where the instant games leaderboard rewards players on the basis of wagering, the bingo one rewards those who win on the most of a specified group of patterns. There is to be one point a time awarded for winning on the patterns, thereby requiring potential winners to participate in lots of bingo games to stand a chance of succeeding. Wink has decided that the featured patterns are to be tennis-themed, taking in Trophy, Trainer, Strawberry, Shorts, Racket, Prize Podium, Champagne Glass Full, and Ball. As was explained above, the cash rewards for the top five bingo lovers are to be lower than those for the instant games leaderboard:

  • First place – £150
  • Second place – £125
  • Third place – £100
  • Fourth place – £75
  • Fifth place – £75

The £2k Swerve and Serve will be running until this Sunday (7 July at Midnight). Take some strawberries and cream out of the fridge and start earning your points! You can play bingo with Ukash at, making it easy for you to redeposit.

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