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Top Tips for My 4 Favourite Cashcade Bingo Websites

Cashcade must be one of the most British of online bingo companies, even if it is based in Gibralter. It seems half of these companies are these days! Must be something about the special minerals buried in the big rock that attract bingo sites prospecting for big win deposits… err, or maybe the tax breaks ;).

But are its websites as good as other top bingo choices that use the same software?

My top four CashCade sites are:

Cheeky Bingo com – 200% starting BB and 5% cash back offer
Think Bingo network with Bingo Scotland – possible the most British bingo network ever!
Foxy Zero – 200% to start and lots of free bingo games 🙂
Tryst – £2 free & worth including if only because you’ve probably never heard of it 😉
Cashcade is widely thought to be one of the biggest bingo companies out there. But it is so much more than a company that owns bingo sites! It also has its own software company, Brigend, which is responsible for developing the super-famous Dragonfish bingo application that is used by many popular sites (like Wink Bingo & Tasty), as well as some not so popular ones ;).

As well as running the top 4 sites shown above, Cashcade also has lots of bingo websites that are played by people all over the British Isles. Its Sunday Mail, Bingo Scotland and Daily Record Bingo sites are super-popular north of the border while its ITV Bingo and Mirror sites are popular all over the UK. This definitely makes it one of the most British bingo site owning groups :). And also one of the companies with the most newspaper bingo sites.

However, many of the newest Cashcade bingo sites are not offering the sort of bingo bonus bundle that gets my bingo fingers wavering let alone wiggling. I’m thinking of the Cashcade network websites like 3am, Closer and Kiss My Bingo. They are only offering a 100% match bingo bonus at the moment, which, tbh, is small compared to, well, almost everyone else.

In 2009 Cashcade was bought by Party Gaming, which is now part of an even bigger online gaming company – Digital Entertainment – which owns both poker and sports betting websites. Perhaps you’re thinking that your not particularly fussed about who owns the bingo sites you play at or which company they merged with when and how many shares they sold? That’s OK, so am I. But one day maybe we’ll be glad we know, I can’t imagine why, but like good girl guides we must Be Prepared!

Together the Cashcade bingo sites probably control over 52% of the UK bingo market. I got Jon to do some complicated maths to work that figure out. Please call or write in if you would like to see his working out; he would love to share it with you, geek that he is.

Oooo I can see the phones lighting up now! Got to dash!

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