Staying Healthy Playing Bingo

Much of the information available about staying healthy during long sessions of online bingo, or even mobile bingo nowadays, will pertain to basic best practices for computer-usage.

But of course, those best practices break down somewhat as most people today are using mobile devices, much more than desktop computers, although laptops or sub-laptops are still popular.

What are the Risks? How can I avoid them?

For example, to avoid tendonitis we have been told to use a desktop computer’s keyboard and mouse with straight forearms and wrist — but what to do on an Android smart phone or while using an iPad?

Apart from those kinds of computer-oriented issues, and now just ‘device’ issues (since we don’t really use computers anymore, so much as we use devices), there are issues of:

  • mental health
  • addiction
  • social problems (peer pressure, online isolation, anti-social traits)
  • financial stress

Check out our infographic for more information:

Playing Bingo Healthily

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Bananas for Bingo

One could also just plain spend too much money playing online bingo, and that may well be a problem!

Both Subtle and Concrete Concerns

At the purely physical level, we’ll have to admit also that Bingo does have its own namesake chubbiness now: ‘bingo wings’. Therefore, obviously, approaching your Bingo amusement as you would any other sedentary activity (like TV) is advisable!

Here are other ways to stay healthy when pulling long bingo sessions:

  • Don’t get stressed out over identity theft because you used your personal credit card when paying for online bingo. Use an alternative payment method like Neteller, Ukash or PayPal  because it will shield you from harm.
  • Neither munch on fast food/junk food, nor neglect eating altogether and instead sipping coffee or soda (in order to keep playing). Avoid extreme behaviours while you play online, because time can run away fast.
  • Get up and stand around often to avoid tunnel vision and chronic tightness in your bingo muscles!
  • Make sure you exercise your eyes plenty by looking at things other than the screen (whether a laptop screen or a smaller phone touch-screen).
  • If you’re on a mobile device, be careful that you don’t get so engrossed in the game that you misjudge traffic or miss your bus stop on the way home!

But seriously, folks, we all know that bingo is super-fun and it is easy to get carried away, in terms of time, money or any number of extreme behaviours when playing online games.  Check out super exciting bingo street games here.

Elegant Solutions

We would like to suggest a very fun way to check yourself: rely on your online bingo buddies (the ones that don’t seem like game fiends themselves) to hold you accountable. Give your online friends a chance to help you stay healthy, and, in a wonderful way you will also help them do the same. Click here to see more charged up online games.

It’s a great way to leverage the actual game — bingo chats, particularly — with your own good habits, and increase the fun for everyone in your bingo circles, too.

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