Starting Bingo Bonus Game

When you first start out at an online bingo site, and even before this when you are looking at adverts in newspapers or watching them on TV, one of the first things you hear about is some kind of welcome bingo bonus – something to make you feel cosy inside when you first enter the bingo lobby of your new bingo home.

But you won’t find starting bingo bonus in the dictionary and I guess that’s probably a good thing because those books are already big enough to go cluttering them up with more words that aren’t that difficult to understand anyway if you know what a bonus is, have played bingo and can understand the difference between start and end ;).

However, IMHO things are not always as clear as we’d like them to be in bingo land. Most places offer a first deposit bonus, others a welcome bonus, one or two a starting bonus and occasionally a cash match bonus. And then there are all the free sign-up and no deposit bingo bonus people and their ways of wording things but that’s another story. So here are few examples of bingo sites with welcome bonuses and what they mean to you:

£5 free bingo starting bonus – at the first UK live bingo webcam site, BingoCams give you £5 free, no need to deposit, just for opening an account. They follow it up with a 200% welcome bonus.
Meanwhile at the VirginBingo com site you can get what they call either a 100% cashback bonus or a 100% welcome cash match bonus. In money terms this deal is slightly above average – it’s the same as getting a 100% bonus on your first deposit. The extra bonus at Virgin is that you can pay Bingo with PayPal.
Over at Beez Bingo UK you find more recogniseable bonus bingo lingo – a £10 free trial bonus (no need to deposit) is followed up by a 350% first deposit bonus.
There are probably a million other ways that bingo sites with bonuses can skin this welcome bonus cat but those are some of the main ones and maybe one day I’ll make a complete list and doodle some dolphins on it so that when it’s out of date the day after it won’t matter so much because it will still look nice :).

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