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The popularity of online bingo is increasing every day.  Bing websites continue to pop up as the demographics of its players continue to expand.  One of the main reasons people are taking to the game so well is its sheer simplicity.  You don’t need to concern yourself with finding the numbers and marking them off, leaving you with more time to do the other things such as socialising in the chat room.  Nearly all bingo sites have chat rooms and you can get involved whether you’re a money player or a free player (click here for advice on playing without deposit).

The social element adds a lot of value to a bingo site as people enjoy being able to chat while having the chance to win some money.  An issue arises when players don’t know anyone else in the room and don’t feel comfortable enough to make conversation.  However, there are a few tactics which can make it easy for even the shyest of people to break the ice.


Greet you Fellow Roomies

This one might seem obvious but it is the initiation of all relationships.  Sometimes all you have to do is greet someone to spark a relationship.  Remember that people may be a lot more confident than you and simply waiting for someone else to make a move before conversing.

Find Common Ground

You may then be wondering what conversation topic you should move onto next.  It can be hard to gauge what a complete stranger might be receptive of.  People in bingo chat rooms come from all walks of life so interests have the potential to be quite varied.  Once thing you can be sure they have some sort of interest in is bingo or gambling in general (click here to get a clearer picture on the US bingo situation).  The likelihood is they will be able to relate if you tell them something about your previous games, a big win or a string of bad luck.

Interact/Ask Questions

We all know how people like to talk about themselves.  For this reason, ask a question and give someone the opportunity to do just that.  There is no need to get too personal, just general questions that people will feel comfortable expressing their thoughts on.  Once someone feels confident enough to express how they feel, it is often a much more relaxed atmosphere to continue the conversation in different directions.

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