Rock and Roll Bingo Bringing in Full Houses

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Over the years, the game of bingo has developed an association with ladies of a certain age.  When hearing the work ‘bingo’, people would envision groups of older ladies in a sparse hall, with pen and paper at hand.  However, through the increasing popularity of online bingo and the launch of various new tweaks of the classic game, it is gaining appeal from demographics that it was previously stranger to.

The Birth of Rebel Bingo

A short while ago, Rebel Bingo was conceived.  It was designed to be a cross between a nightclub and a bingo game, with the aim of appealing to all ages.  The concept proved successful and the game in now played in many countries around the globe.  Rebel Bingo started in a similar fashion.  In this version of the game, players listen to music as a part of a pub quiz round, and mark off boxes in a manner similar to the traditional bingo game.


Rock Meets Bingo

It all started when Mark Walsh was sitting in his local playing the pub quiz.  He was thinking about his grandmother going to her weekly bingo games and it just came to him.  Why not combine the excitement of a pub quiz music round with the well-known format of bingo?  The main aim behind the idea was to put together a game which would appeal to everyone, whether male or female, old or young.  At this early stage, Mark had 45 songs burned onto a CD, which was taken to his mate’s pub in Gomersal.  He then made homemade bingo cards to accompany the music and distributed them to 30 friends and family in the pub as a trial run.  The night was a complete success and everyone loved it.

Initial Challenges

One of the initial challenges Mark faced was obtaining licenses for the songs he was using.  Once he had done that, it was relatively straight forward.  He sold his first CD to his old university campus bar and it turned out to be a massive hit.  He has since spent years marketing the product, trying to make his way into the pub/club circuit. Rock and Roll Bingo has since gone from strength to strength and Mark has over 2,000 clients on his books.  He is now looking to expand into Europe and America – at least that’s one way to play bingo in the US.

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