May-jor Birthday Celebrations in Bingo Hollywood

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May is the month in which Bingo Hollywood celebrates its birthday every year. This time around, in 2013, the site is celebrating its third birthday. Based on Bingo Hollywood’s upcoming age, roomies could argue that it is a case of ‘third time lucky’. The reason for such a belief is that the site is packed with prizes until the end of May. BingoHollywood is trying to make the party as enticing as possible (looks they have drawn inspiration from Cheers Bingo), which should explain why it is going on every day until the month ends. Oh, and the top prize of a new laptop makes it even more appealing.

Red Carpet Presents

You are all invited to enter the birthday celebrations at in May. Go to the Red Carpet room and you can play bingo games with the opportunity to score a new 15.6-inch laptop – although the world is going to mobile bingo, it still makes to be sorted for playing at home. Also among the prizes are some other amazing options, with the best being vouchers, jewellery, perfume, pampering items, SPs and cash.

500 Presents to Win

There is a total of 500 presents to be given out in May. Each of the 500 presents has been assigned to a number out of 500. You get to pick from the 500 numbers when you manage to meet the winning criteria set out by BingoHollywood. For starters, you need to be playing in the Red Carpet room. The goal will be to bingo at 45 minutes past the current hour of the day, but the pattern will need to be the Hollywood Birthday pattern. Pay close attention for when the laptop winner is announced on Saturday 1 June.

Birthday Celebration Night

The pinnacle of the month will arrive on Friday 31 May, the night where the third birthday celebrations will reach an exciting crescendo. The final night will see two hours of 75-ball bingo games hosted in the Loyalty Party room. Jackpots will be worth at least £25 and the tickets will only cost between 1p and 3p. The best thing about the games, though, is that chat host winnings will be divided among all players.

Birthday Bash Prize Draw

At the end of the celebrations, all roomies that played in the above birthday night games will be entered in a draw to win Bingo Hollywood branded presents. These are going to be umbrellas, shopping bags, key coins and drawstring bags. Players drawn in the top three will the prizes – good luck everyone.

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