GamCare Certified Bingo Sites UK

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Why play GamCare certified bingo sites in UK?

While most online bingo sites UK have some processes to help people who may be suffering from gambling addiction, these processes are not well regulated. GamCare is an independent charity organisation that visits UKbingosites premises to carry out training and provide information on working with problem gamblers.

I am certainly NOT an expert in when gambling becomes a problem (ask my hubby!) let alone whether you have one but I reckon the more we talk about gambling addiction the better. No point pretending it doesn’t exist. Tell-tale signs (at least according to Eastenders and Corrie ;)):

You’re borrowing money from friends to fund your online bingo playing and you’re not that worried about whether you will manage to pay them back.

When people ask you what you did at the weekend you make up stories to disguise how much bingo you played.
Choose one of the GamCare certified bingo sites if you think this could be you or if you might have an addictive personality. What happens when you don’t get your 8:45am cup of coffee – no big deal or do your feet grow suction pads and you start climbing walls?

GamCare certified UK online bingo sites (such as CaesersBingo com, theSunBingo and VirginGames Bingo com) will have the usual protection against problem gambling, like measures to stop under 18s from playing and links to sources of help. However, they will also train staff to spot problems early, limit the time you spend playing and how much you wager and make it easy for you to stop playing whenever you want. Companies that meet all the GamCare criteria are allowed to display the organisation’s certification stamp on their site.

So huns, the message is have fun, gamble safely and stop to get help when you think things may be getting out of control ((((hugs)))).

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