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We find it slightly strange the way that mixes up the great game of Bingo with casino entertainment, starting with the name. From this URL we’d expect a full-on Bingo hub (and, sure, perhaps some side-games).

What you get is three things, big and bright on the homepage: Bingo – Slots – Casino. It’s Bingo plus Casino here, not just bingo.

Going Beyond Bingo

But supposedly we must read into the name ‘Caesars’ itself, and expect nothing less from this brand than a strong infusion of Vegas-style casino action.

Caesars tells us, however, that its attitude toward our main game is to innovate, with ‘new variations of Bingo that offer a burst of excitement such as Super SNAP! the game that features five exciting ways to win’.

So, in this, and even with its casino games, Caesars aims to create, to introduce new games, with new rules. Most of these inventions accommodate or make use of the greater speed and reach, so to speak, players possess whilst logged in.

Games with speeded-up and multi-card/hand versions of bingo, poker and slots have hit the market, and will continue to do. We can simply play more online than we could at a physical casino. Much development of online and mobile games will centre on this situation: the player’s enhanced power.

Bingo on Offer

Caesars offers both 75- and 90-ball bingo games. You can buy up to 36 cards per game session! Other innovations include Wonderland, its newest 100 pay line slot.

The game screen of Bingo Royale is neatly ordered thus:

  • Top/Right — the current jackpot totals
  • Top — the current ball in play
  • Bottom / Right — a Mini Game window (side-games)
  • Middle — your cards are stacked vertically, colour coded
  • Left — a full height, robust chat window

No doubt, this is a strong Bingo offering, robust and multi-dimensional. Do you realize that you could conceivably hit a Mini-Game Slot jackpot and a Bingo jackpot on the same screen, at the same time?

NOTE: a real-time ticker of the current bingo jackpot is located on the homepage.

We must say, that there is no reason to ignore this combination of slots, primarily, with the game of online bingo (let’s make that distinction because, of course, bingo in old-school neighbourhood halls was a very different affair). Even slots have undergone a huge transformation.

Slots Everywhere

These computerized (virtual) slot machines — based upon the same physics as physical ones — move and look more like slot machines than the old real models! There is a satisfaction in their exaggerated easing as reels start and stop spinning, fast, yet smooth, enhanced by all the attendant sound effects.

If you like slots and bingo, perhaps even equally, then you’ll love Caesars! You may find its presentation so polished and so attuned to your needs that other destinations will fade away.

Free Stuff

Promotions, lastly, are also robust here. Whereas most online casinos merely offer a 100% cash match, up to a certain ceiling, Caesars goes big with a 200% welcome bonus up to £400. There are also free bingo games given every single day. When you go with the big guys, you’re always in for a big show, and consistent bonuses.

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