How To Raise Money on a Bingo Night

One of two main stereotypical images many people have of bingo-lovers is that it’s something charity-oriented or run by a church. Of course, that and the other stereotype (bingo players are old) are both flatly contradicted by the facts of modern online and mobile bingo gaming. Check out our suggestion for the best bingo site around!! Read Cheers Bingo review.


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On the other hand, there is some reason that we associate bingo with a fund-raising event: bingo happens to be a terrific way to raise a few thousand bucks in one night — in just a few hours. For that reason, we have all seen these events posted from time to time. And yes, churches often host bingo nights, too.

Getting Down to Business

The truth is, you only have to be good at organizing and promoting the event to do this yourself, if you happen to be part of a bingo club or private group that needs to raise funds for some excellent cause.

You may ask: how do we get the bingo equipment and learn how to call the game? Well, you don’t have to be a bingo expert. One simply can be hired for the event. So that becomes part of its overhead because these bingo-gaming professionals are probably not apt to donate their efforts.


The next big cost to cover is prizes or prize monies. There are certain types of nights called Basket Bingo where a particular kind of collectible basket (which is donated by the company) is filled with delectables (which can be supplied in a distributed fashion by members of your club). This is a great way to offer desirable prizes without providing them yourself.

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In any case, you must have something grand that will draw players. Some kinds of prizes, keep in mind, will draw a wider group of people than others — you’ll want to think in terms of prizes that might draw those who might not normally seek out bingo.

Making Money

Okay, the other costs will be rentals, flyering, advertising, extra staff and so on. To offset these costs, a successful bingo fund-raiser will give guests everything they’ll need for about four to five hours. They need refreshments. They might like to partake of raffles during those snack breaks. If you’re really ingenious, you could organize a gourmet lunch or early dinner for pretty penny.

There is also normally a cover charge to enter the hall and partake of the game. This can be up to £20 and includes the players’ first 20 games, say, and after that they purchase more cards. There can also be special higher-priced games for a different prize or purse.

That’s about it. The bingo professional you have hired will handle the game itself and act as master of ceremonies (also your direct connection to everyone in the room if you should need to make announcements). Your main role is to organize, facilitate, welcome and troubleshoot this bingo fund-raiser. A bit of love for the game is also a plus!

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