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The word “live” is a tricky one. Depending on what you want it to mean you have to pronounce it differently and there are a whole bunch of different meanings in real life, let alone our cosy little corner of bingo world. There’s a lovely list of my top bingo sites with live presenters below.


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L-I-V-E !

Is it ‘live’ as in, “I used to live in Swindon but I moved to London last year” or “Long live the Queen!” and rhymes with ‘give’ and ‘sieve’? I have yet to find a bingo site with a name relating to this kind of live, which is a shame :(. We could have or something similar :).

Another kind of l-i-v-e is the one in “let’s go and watch a live concert tonight instead of listening to a recording”. This one rhymes with ‘alive’ and ‘bee-hive’. In online bingo we have two kinds of live bingo games, in this sense, which are:

1. In the first, Live Online Bingo, there are presenters trying to make our bingo things even more exciting than they already are.

2. The second is live Web Cam Bingo, for which the leading site at the moment is Bingo Cams.

I’m only talking about the first of these from now on :). Several bingo sites offer live bingo, and they fall into three groups: (A) Bingo Studio Live, (B) Bingo Party Live and (C) full TV Bingo. Don’t forget to check out bingo promotions this May

(A) Bingo Studio Live

The Top 3 bingo sites 🙂 with Studio Live presenters include:

Rehab Bingo UK charity site – Profits from this site go towards projects to help people reintegrate themselves in society

Live Bingo .com – The original!

Jackpot Bingo UK – 250% FREE welcome bingo bonus

Follow the links above to read my full bingo site reviews. Bingo Studio Live has live bingo games from 12 midday until midnight. You can often get a £1 no deposit bingo bonus. Click here to see more brands that require no deposit.

(B) Bingo Party Live

So far I have seen this offered at these two gr8 websites:

Ask Jeeves – Games start at 1p and there are free games too, if you know where to look :)!

Chit Chat Bingo .com – The original St Minver site with the best design and loveliest promotions.

Bingo Party Live has games on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays between 8:30pm and 11:30pm.

(C) Live TV Bingo

Full 100% TV bingo has been a bit of a failure. ITV has stopped showing its bingo games live, although its site ( is still going strong.

Finally, two other new sites have recently hit the live bingo boards running. Read my brand new Popstars Bingo review here. Or have a look through this information on Lights Cameras Bingo. Hope you find something you like the look of somewhere around my little corner 0f bingoland huns! Also check out a list of Free Play Bingo

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