Beginning a Career as a Site’s Chat Host

Think of online in-game chat hosts as part of the customer service team at your favourite bingo site. This way, the role and job may seem more accessible to you — say, if you aren’t exactly an online bingo enthusiast. Check out our infographic for all the basics in evaluating this career option.

Online Bingo Chat Host Career Research

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Of course, even if you are a bingo maniac, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a good bingo chat manager. Enthusiasm is necessary, of course, but so are some basic communication skills. We interviewed Angelina at Bingo Hollywood to find out what she thought the most important qualities are.

Interview with Bingo Hollywood Chat Host

Angelina is CH team leader in Bingo Hollywood’s Superstars, 1TG and FNS rooms.

1. Being a chat manager is a lot about customer service. What do you think are the keys to great customer service?

A great personality is the biggest key to great customer service. Being able to relate to the players, make yourself as one instead of coming off as better than them, knowing what they like and dislike so you can really help them to enjoy their time. Another important key to being a great chat manager is to know your product. You must have full knowledge of all aspects of the company and if you do not have the answer, know where to go to get the answer.

2. How do you know when online bingo players are enjoying themselves and having fun?

I feel that when the players are laughing and joking and have made friends from the site that they now have met outside of the site then we know we are doing a great job as a team to keep the players happy here on the site.

3. Chat host adverts talk about being professional and business-focussed. What does this mean in practice?

While we like to have fun in chat we do have to keep it professional so we do have to be able to make sure we are not showing favoritism to players and that we are making sure chat is always safe and acceptable to all that are there.

4. How difficult is it to learn about all the bingo sites’ promotions, bonuses, quizzes and other chat games?

Our promotions and chat games are pretty straight forward. We keep them simple but entertaining as we don’t want to scare the players away with too confusing of promotions or games. We want them to be able to understand them so they will want to play them.

5. Which software and IT skills are most useful?

A basic knowledge of MS Programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook are very beneficial. A macro program of some type is also a great tool. Most online sites will have a chat program and sometimes a back office tool to aid a host in performing his/her job. The ability to quickly learn these tools is important.

6. Finally, what has been your best bingo chat room experience?

My best bingo chat experience would have to be when I was working the over night rooms and we had this one group of about 20 players that would come in every time and we became a “family” so to speak. We has the father, the mother, the sisters and brothers and we really had it going for a long time to the point that newbies thought we were actually all family. It was a lot of fun and it really was the group of players that got me so in love with my job and helped me through a lot.

Professionals, Not Enthusiasts

Have you noticed (if you do play bingo) how some of the public personalities featured at big live bingo sites like Gala or mFortune are not exactly known for their illustrious careers in bingo halls? They’re public personalities. They have charisma and they know how to communicate in a broad-cast. Skills got them the job, not enthusiasm alone. Top of the list is friendly customer service. Oracle say that this is the main reason we will commit to a brand.

Therefore, since you want to pursue it further, let’s talk about those skills.

  1. Can you communicate clearly, boldly and directly, yet with some humour? You’ll need to, if you want to do online chat hosting.
  2. Can you type as fast as you can think? You will need to have the basic computer skills down, like nailed, to keep up with bingo sites’ players online.
  3. Are you good at resolving conflicts? As a chat host, sometimes you will have to field a customer service flub or a player’s problem. You must be able to have empathy. 95% of use will share a bad experience with others according to Zendesk.
  4. Can you keep figures straight? Bingo is fast paced, and you will have to at least appear as though you’re a master. A sharp memory and the ability to stay quick on your toes generally are helpful.
  5. Do you have a problem with being seen online, too? Depending on how charming you are, you might get called up to be an on-camera personality one day!

Applying for the Job

In closing, you may like to hear what a major UK bingo provider, Gamesys, thinks is important when hiring chat hosts. They say:

Your main responsibility is to make our chat rooms a fun and entertaining place to be.

Of course, in order to do that well, and earn your minimum wage of about £6.50/hour (but not necessarily at Gamesys) you must (read: MUST) know all of your bingo website’s codes of conduct, terms, specials and changing promotions.

If you read the job posting for a chat host at a company like Gamesys, you will soon confirm what we’ve said earlier, about the fact that success at this role depends upon skills with communicating and resolving problems. You’ll also see an emphasis on understanding and implementing corporate values.

Think Again!

If you thought that being a chat host would be an way to just lean back, playing and following bingo, your hobby anyway, and munch popcorn while making easy money … then think again. As a host, you are basically a first-line contact for customers (players), who will want and expect your careful support.

This job is serious customer service rather than just fun and games. But, doing it from home, it could be just the job you’ve been waiting for.

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