Bingo With Ukash

Playing online bingo using Ukash as your way of depositing to a game site or a Facebook page was smart for a number of reasons. The most important of which was that it provides safety while playing online.

Bingo sites that accepted Ukash are basically supporting your right to stay private. That’s why we have always associated Ukash bingo sites with trustworthy and safe places to play.

How Do I Join Ukash?

Due to changes within the alternate payment market players can’t buy these vouchers from retailers anymore. The owners of the brand have merged with paysafecard and have withdrawn the brand from the market. You will now no longer be able to either purchase Ukash or use existing Ukash credit. However, all the best bingo sites now accept Paysafecard!

What are the Pros and Cons of Ukash & other e-wallets?

Of course there are a lot of benefits and downsides to using these vouchers, here are a few examples of the things you might encounter.


One positive use is that e-wallets such as paysafecard can help you budget your bingo-entertainment. They can also help you steer clear of e-criminals who can collect a few pieces of personal information about you to try and crack into your accounts as Ukash and other e-wallets ensure you remain anonymous. Another great feature is that you can combine vouchers if you have small amounts leftover from your last spending spree.

Cons –

There’s a downside to e-wallet. If you lose the voucher and don’t replace the code, the cash inside it could be claimed by someone else. Once that happens your money is gone forever.

Compared to Other Paysafecard

The main benefits of using a Ukash voucher was the ability to pay quickly and anonymously. You could even use Ukash to pay for items in person which was handy if you found yourself short of cash. These are much the same pros as the Paysafecard offers. If you were comfortable with Ukash then this changeover should be fairly simple for you.

With the Paysafecard you’ll also be able to use their mobile app to find a store that sells these vouchers near you. So it’s actually even more convenient.

Best Bingo sites that accept Paysafecard and other e-wallets

After its launch in the gambling industry Ukash vouchers became one the most popular ways for players to manage their cash online. A large number of websites used them. We’ve picked out a couple of the best bingo sites that accepted Ukash and will now be accepting Paysafecard.

Wink Bingo

You can register on this site in just a wink of an eye, and when you do you’ll get some fab rewards in your account. When you use the code ‘WINKBINGO60’ you’ll get a minimum of £60 to play with when you deposit £10, as you’re guaranteed to win at least £15 on their prize wheel.

The maximum you can win on top of your deposit is £1000 so you could be having free games for a year!

Tasty Bingo

Looking for a tasty, new place to play bingo? Here you’ll get £40 to play with when you add £10 to your account. You’ll also gain access to their huge bingo lobby of massive jackpots and super fun promotions.

Bingo Hollywood

Drop off some cash in your account on this site and you’ll be given a 300% bonus and 1,000 Star Points to use. This site has so many slot and bingo games for you to play on so you won’t be disappointed if you choose this one.

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