Using Bingo for Educational Purposes

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We all know that getting kids to learn something is all about getting them to engage.  It helps to have some sort of fun activity which makes learning more fun and less of a chore.  Bingo is the perfect solution.  The format of bingo is simple enough for children to quickly grasp and could be used as a structure for education at home or in the classroom. Using bingo in this way encourages children to recall and reconcile things they have learned in a fun and relaxing way.  You may not be raising money like in our guide, but you’ll be raising the kids’ intelligence!


Setting up the Game

The first step is to decide on an educational theme for the game.  This can be almost any educational topic and depends on the age of the children.  For younger kids, it may be suitable to ask them to recognise numbers or words.  For slightly older children, they could be quizzed about maths sums, geography or history facts.

Creating the Cards

You must then create bingo cards.  Decide how many squares you want. Three by three might be enough for younger children, whereas five by five might be more suitable for older kids, who are often keen for a bit more interrogation.

Now create your grid on the computer and print out as many copies as you need.  Make a list of questions and assign each one to a number.  Make a note of the questions and their numbers as you will probably be dealing with too many to remember.

Bingo Balls

You then need to get hold of some bingo balls.  Table tennis balls work pretty well for this and you can get hold of them relatively easy.  If possible, find multi-coloured packs to give the authentic bingo experience.  Once you have your balls, grab a marker pen and number each one.

Then find a container large enough to fit all the balls in and you’re good to go.  Pick out the balls at random and ask away.  The winner of the game will be the child with the most correct answers.  Make sure you have some prizes to reward the kids for their good work.

Ready to Go

Now you’re all set and all you need to do it invite the kids over.  Make sure you have everything at the ready: adequate seating, healthy snacks (check our advice for healthy bingo snacks), drinks and a lack of distractions to keep their wandering minds on the game!

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