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There has been recent discussion on the subject of whether the recent surge in popularity of online bingo will be helping the older population get to grips with using the internet.  Alongside these discussions, figures were published on comparison and review websites which drew attention to various infographics, revealing some interesting facts and trends on the bingo industry.

Presented in Numbers

The bingo market in the UK is estimated to be worth around £800million.  This magnitude of this figure is mainly due to the fact that the average player’s online expenditure per month was found to average at £120.  If you compare this to the worldwide online gambling industry, which is estimated to be valued at just over £22.7billion, it is obvious that online bingo players in the UK make up a pretty substantial share of the total online gambling industry.


Despite the UK’s huge bingo following of 4 million players, spending an accumulatively colossal sum on the game, it is still only the third largest domestic market in the world.  The UK bingo market is still dominated by the US and Japan, which both have substantially larger populations.

The statistics also showed certain interesting differences between the general online gambling market in the UK and the online bingo market.  Players in the online bingo market tend to be older than other gamblers.  It was found that the average age of an internet bingo player is 38, compared to the average age of the general online gambler, which was found to be 31.

Another major contrast in the figures was the fact that only 18% of general online gamblers were found to be female, whereas this demographic constitutes 80% of the online bingo market.

Online Not a Threat to Bingo Halls

Although some fans of the traditional paper form of the game see the modern game as a threat, internet bingo is giving the game a new burst of energy and enthusiasm.  Lots of new players are taking up the game now, ranging from young and old, male and female.  Over a third of players (38%) were found to have been playing for less than two years.  The massive surge of new players is also shown by the number of new bingo sites which have been launched in 2013.

Regardless of whether you are betting in a bingo hall or in an online game, the important message is to remember to play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.

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