Super Bingo Network

What’s So Super about SBN?

The Super Bingo Network (SBN) is one of the newest bingo networks out there. Launched in mid-late 2010 it has a hearty group of followers, including Harry, who are kept busy with its timely tea promotions. If you’re thinking: “What on earth is bananasforbingo about?” Do not worry! You’re not alone! All will be revealed…

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The network, which runs on Cozy Games bingo software, has four very fine members so far. These are:

Tea Time Bingo – its promotions can be trusted to come in a way that is as timely and timeless as the tradition of tea time itself :o.
Harrys Bingo – Harry is just Harry but without Harry; what more do you need to know :?? Check out cool promotions of Tea Time Bingo

Big Heart Bingo – charity bingo site that gives players the chance to choose a charity to give to while charities get 50% of net revenue.

Busy Bingo – bee themed to the max – I don’t they could squeeze another bee anywhere in this site!

All of these offer a £15 free bingo registration bonus to get you started – no deposit needed. Think of it as a free trial with a tiny weeny glimpse of the pot of gold at the end of the Super Bingo rainbow ;). Not so tiny really I suppose – 15 GBP is one of the biggest no deposit bingo bonuses out there. See a list of no deposit bingo now!

If bonuses are your thing then SBN will not disappoint you, it is their speciality ;). Your 15 free will be closely followed by 200% on your 1st deposit, if you choose to do so. And redeposits are well rewarded too – although at the moment these are based on a complicated Farm Run reward program in which your prize depends on the animal you have qualified to become and qualification is by spending making steps and you make steps by spending money. What could be simpler :?! Click here and find out a cooler way to access Free bingo.

Well, I like a farm run like the next girl so I reckon you probably get into it. Still I do sometimes hark for the days when it was 100% and job done!

The Super bingo sites have also done a good job on their loyalty program and this time it’s not too tricksy – £2 gets you one loyalty point (LP) and with 100 LPs you can buy yourself 1 bingo bonus pound. This basically means that for every £200 you spend you will get 1 pound back, which works out as 0.5%. Err, super!

Well so it’s not that super maybe but no surprises there. In the end loyalty programs and bonuses are more or less just window dressing. More than anything else we need fun players and fab games and the SBN is lucky enough to have both :)!

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