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The perceptions of bingo are changing.  The traditional image of elderly women in a dusty bingo hall with pen and paper in hand is being replaced.  Through various innovations in the approach to online and offline bingo, the classic game is becoming something of a trending hobby.

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A Way to Rebel

Alongside all the new bingo sites launched this year, a number of variations of the offline game have also been introduced in 2013.  An example of such modernisations is the launch of Rebel Bingo, which we spoke about in a previous article.  The company defines their slant away from the traditional game with their tagline “This is not bingo. It’s Rebel Bingo. It’s loud and emotional…”  Since the concept was first realised, Rebel Bingo has taken its place as an alluring late night experience and the idea has continued to grow in popularity, with both of its shows in London this month already sold out.  The business started in London and has already spread to many major US bingo locations, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas


A Fun Distraction

The success of Rebel Bingo is not dissimilar to the rise of online bingo.  It could be perceived as many people turning to online bingo to escape from today’s harsh realities of life.  The tough economic climate may well be a reason behind people seeking distraction such as online gaming, which glamorises the luxurious lifestyles of the wealthy and famous.  Such distractions allow people to briefly escape real life to dream of the existences that they most likely will never experience.

A Growing Market

Online gambling is on the rise more than it ever has been before.  A recent article, published in the financial magazine Money Week, suggested the £2 billion market is not showing any signs of slowing.  One source actually estimated that the industry experienced a 20% year on year growth rate for a decade.

A Sense of Escapism

Rebel Bingo operators have explained how the industry does not like them and think that they are an insult to the game.  The firm is providing people with a way to escape life and have a good time, in a way that the traditional game has not.  Perhaps this is why bingo has grown in popularity so much in recent years.  While being reinvented as fast-paced, modern and cool, it also holds on to the simple format, making it accessible to everyone.

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