One lady’s 36 Year Commitment to Bingo in Sin City

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If you ever find yourself playing bingo in the Boulder Station of Station Casinos in Las Vegas, you might see a lady by the name of Marci Popp Gibson.  She can often be found wandering the bingo floor at waving at the patrons, hugging winners, keeping up with all the gossip among the regulars about their grandchildren and spouses.

Her working day starts around 8.30am, with bingo customers queuing up first thing to buy their bingo tickets.  The 9am game kicks off the day’s bingo, to be followed by 2 hourly intervals after that.  Gibson will call out the numbers, check the customers’ cards and often celebrate their wins with a high five, adding to the general good cheer.


A Shining Example of Company and Employer Loyalty

Gibson has worked for the company for an impressive 36 years, made even more so in today’s economic climate. In 1977, on the recommendation of a friend whom already worked at in Palace Station, she began her bingo career and has never looked back. (find out more about bingo related careers here).

“First you work five years, then 10, next thing it’s 20 and then 25. You just don’t think about it.” enjoys the customer contact aspect the most” Gibson pondered and added “My customers are important to me. They not only bring in revenue, but I feel like I bring some joy to them.”

The Surprising Experiences of a Colourful Workplace

Though at times the seasoned worker has admitted that some players have caught her by surprise in the past with their familiarity with her, commenting on a time when one such stranger interrupted a romantic meal out with her then husband.

“Marci, I needed B3, you know that I needed it, and you called B4,” the bingo customer had insisted.

The surprises as you may guess from her 36 year career don’t stop there, with many entertaining stories worth sharing. One in particular memory she shared is of a truck that had crashed into Palace Station, just missing her inches.

A Mutual Appreciation Society

Her time with the company has certainly been eventful and entertaining.  Over the years she has enjoyed time with the company and they have been pleased to get to know her to. Gibson has gained lots of respect from her co-workers and made friends with the regulars along the way.

“She’s very enthusiastic, always willing to help out,” commented Trina Baca, bingo room supervisor at Boulder Station.

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