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There has been recent speculation about the launch of a brand new service by 123 Bingo Online.  The bingo website has set up a new social network to complement its bingo platform.  ‘My Wall’ allows players to connect and communicate with each other in a way that was not possible before.  Players can now share games and results amongst their contacts as well as sharing onto major social networks such as Facebook.  The new social feature can be used by real money players and free players alike, meaning you don’t need to be spending money to enjoy the social aspect.  Social media and online bingo have both been experiencing significant growth over the past few years and it makes sense that they have started to cross paths. Click here to see the positive impact of bringing being and social interactions together.


Social Media

The social media mark has been booming for over five years now.  With so many networks available, some people question whether or not the market is completely saturated.  My Wall serves a niche in comparison to general social networking and for this reason will establish its place.  Using My Wall will allow people to share their progress in bingo games and stay constantly connected via live updates.

Although there are a number of bingo apps on Facebook, such as Bingo Blitz and Bingo Bash, they do not compare to 123 Bingo Online’s solution.  These apps do not offer real money bingo games and they are only accessible via Facebook.  The use of My Wall alongside 123BingoOnline allows the bingo operator to take advantage of having a fully functional bingo site with all the benefits of having a supporting social network.

Creating a Live, Social Environment

If there’s one thing online bingo games lack, it’s the social, community values seen at a live bingo game.  Online sites do their best to create a more social vibe in their bingo room, through the use of chat rooms and actively participating in discussions.  123 Bingo Online have a much more effective way of doing this with My Wall.

All players are now connected and can view each other’s progress, communicate and create a proper online community.  Players can create personal profiles, add photos and personalise their page further to create a more personal relationship amongst the online bingo community.  Players can create social circles and invite others to join them. The platforms success is still yet to be proven, but this promising idea definitely starts to bridge the gap between live and internet bingo games.

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