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Within the online bingo industry, a trend is starting to emerge in which more and more bingo brands are using TV advertising as a way of increasing their brand awareness.  I’m sure you will have seen certain brands over the television for years, such as Foxy Bingo and Jackpot Joy (represented by the Queen of Bingo Barbara Windsor).  It was not until more recently that other online bingo sites have decided to use TV as a method of gaining publicity.


Crowded Market Space

The online bingo market is become more and more crowded as the weeks pass. With the industry’s boom throughout the past half-decade, loads of bingo sites have launched across the UK, with the total number now exceeding 400! There is obviously a lot of demand for online bingo, but is there enough demand to justify 400 sites worth of supply?  Surely the market is beginning to near its point of saturation.

Lack of Product Differentiation

The issue with the bingo industry is that all sites offer more or less the same product and there is not a great deal of space for product differentiation. The most common method employed by bingo sites to entice people to join their site is by offering a generous welcome bonus for new players.  However, most sites offer similar bonuses, making it just as hard to pick one from another. The ones that do stand out, however, are the ones which offer free bonuses. A more recent approach to encouraging customer acquisition is through television ads.

In the Advert

Sun Bingo’s have recently launched a new advert showing a couple lying in bed.  The man is seen grumbling away while he attempts to go to asleep, while the woman is upright, playing a game of online bingo. You can hear the man muttering something about his “spare trousers” as a response to the woman’s whispers of excitement as she gets closer to winning the jackpot prize.

The woman covers her eyes as she waits in anticipation to see the outcome of the game.  You then see her win the jackpot prize and in excitement of the moment, she explodes and inflates into a giant number 43 bingo gall.

You will then hear Joanna Page’s voice saying “Sun Bingo, bursting with fun” and you will see Sun Bingo’s splash logo across her laptop screen. The advert comes to a close with a clip informing viewers of the limited time offer where players can receive a free Domino’s Pizza voucher on top of the usual sign up offer (although this is definitely not conducive to staying healthy while playing mobile bingo).

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