Get 10% of your losses back at New Bingo Billy

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New Bingo Billy

10% of your losses back at New Bingo Billy!! Click here now!! 

Sometimes I stop and ask myself, how do online bingo sites actually make a profit?  With this being an extremely crowded industry, each site seems to be offering more and more prizes and free money.  I’m not complaining about this, I am simply observing that their profits must be really limited. One of the recent observations relating to this I have had is at New Bingo Billy.  This popular online bingo site is now giving players money back when they have made a loss.  How this works is that if you were to spend £100 on their site and not win anything – the next week they will credit your account with 10% of your losses back, therefore £10 would be given back to you.  I find this sort of cashback reward really appealing as there is nothing worse than knowing when you have spent all your money on a bingo site to get no return – a little boost to the morale is to know that this will be credited back to you in the form of cashback, the following week.

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Receive three welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses usually only apply when you make your first deposit on a site, on Bingo Billy though they have taken the term welcome bonuses a little far and will give their players cash back for their first 3 deposits. The amount of cash that you will receive will be 310% up to the value of a £100 deposit.  Here is some examples of how this would work:

Deposit Amount               Free bonus cash               Total available to spend

£21                                      £65.10                              £86.10

£50                                      £155.00                            £205.00

£100                                    £310.00                           £410.00

As a result, if you were to make three deposits on the site to the value of £100, you would receive 3 x £310 free making the total amount of free bonus cash available to you of £930.00.  This is another example backing up my original point on trying to understand how these sites make any money – they seem to be giving it all away!

Depositing Methods

Bingo Billy has made it extremely easy for players to deposit on their site and will accept almost any type of payment method.  This includes Visa, Mastercards, Neteller and Pre-Paid cards such as Visa Greendot and Visa Netspend. If possible, it is always recommended that you use secure methods such as PayPal. Whatever is your most convenient way then I’m sure that Bingo Billy caters for it.

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