Bingo3X Transitions into Summer

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We are oh so close to the end of spring and the start of the summer. Bingo3X happens to have the perfect occasion for you to mark the seasonal transition and play for hundreds of pounds at the same time. There is no better way to start summer than being richer than you were in springtime.

Spring Fling Invitational

The promo page over at displays a classy invitation with fancy writing and posh flowers. Bingo3X has taken this step because it wants to give such a momentous occasion some real weight. The Spring Fling is set to start from 11pm on Monday 27 May and will go on until the wee hours of the morning. Bingo tickets cost only 5p each and the event will be held over all of Bingo3X’s 75-ball rooms.

The aim of this game is to try and bingo on the following letters: B – A – N – K. Bingo3X will present your progress on a massive leaderboard to help you keep track of your current progress. Complete the word ‘BANK’ and you will be rewarded with a £100 cash prize for your account. Get your tickets now for this stylish event by going to

Car or Cash Decision


Bingo3X wants to know whether you prefer a brand new Smart Car or £5,000 cash. The Car or Cash game has been arranged for 8pm on 1 August, but until then, Bingo3X has given roomies a challenge to complete in the meantime. Rather than spend £1.50 a pop on paying for tickets to the Car or Cash game, Bingo3X will let you try and play for free.

From now until 31 July, Bingo3X is letting you complete a series of challenges and is willing you reward you with free tickets to the prize game in exchange. The challenges aren’t hugely difficult, so earning tickets should be a cinch, especially with two months being the timeframe. Bingo3X will reward you with one ticket every time you achieve one of these outcomes:

  • Bingo on the Car pattern
  • Bingo on the number 5
  • Bingo on the letters C, A, R

The limit placed on the tickets for the game has been 96, so feel free to start earning right away. However, be sure to play responsibly and don’t overdo it. Bingo3X will release the last of the free tickets to the Car or Cash game on 31 July – good luck to all that enter!

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