50 Shades of Wink & Progressive Jackpots

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50 Shades of Wink

Like almost every other girl in the population, Holly from Wink Bingo has jumped on the 50 Shades naughty novel bandwagon.  She has decided to offer a few saucy bingo delights of her own.  In the naughty Numbers room at Wink Bingo, you can win £69 in guaranteed jackpots every single Sunday, on every half hour between 6pm and 9pm.  To spice things up a bit, they have some special chat rooms to get you right in the mood. (find out about being a chat host here)

Chat Games

I Love 69

–          Make sure your on full alert in the chat room.  As soon as the number 6 and 9 have both been called out, the second player to shout ‘I Love 69’ will be rewarded with 1,000 joy points

Top or Bottom

–          As soon as the game begins, the host will shout out ‘I’m on top’ or ‘I’m on the bottom’. If the winning number matches up with the host’s call (Top or Bottom), the second player to shout ‘I Like Top or Bottom’ will win 1,000 joy points.

Spread the Love

–          When you win with full house, tell the host “Spread the love to……..” and the player you have chosen will win 1,000 joy points.

 Daz Lost His Speedos

–          When a roomie wins full house, Daz will give them his speedos.  As soon as they say ‘Daz lost his speedos’, they will be given 1,000 joy points. If no one has won, Daz will say ‘who wants my speedos?’ The next person to shout out will win 1,000 joy points.  The players holding Daz’s speedos at the end of the game will win 2,000 joy points.

 Naughty Numbers

–          When bingo is called, the host will say “I’m thinking of a naughty number…..” The player who then guesses the number will win 1,000 jps.

 Bingo Progressive Jackpots

75 Ball Progressive Jackpots – Moneyball

–          Be the first to bingo on the Moneyball pattern in 34 calls or less and you’ll win the jackpot. From 35 calls or more, the winner only wins the jackpot for the specific game and the progressive prize will continue to grow. When it is won, it will begin to grow from £250

90 Ball Progressive Jackpots – Full House

–          The 90 ball bingo progressive jackpot is up for grabs during all 90 ball games.  All you have to do is cover your card in 37 calls or less and you’ll win the progressive jackpot plus that games winnings!

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